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Hello everyone, how are you doing! This is Loes speaking from a really old computer (azerty keyboard!) in the reception of a camping close to Paris, where I am right now.

You guys probably didnt know thqt I was giong on yet qnother holidqy, mostly because I had more or less expected that I could have taken my own labtop with me, and stay in contact, no such luck. This keyboqrd is qbsolutely horrible, so this will probqbly be the lqst time Ill be using it. I reqlly hope you guys can decode this:

Either way, save from the terrible lack of proper hardware and my complete disability to reply and stay in contact with you guys, I qm having a greqt time. In an hour or so me and my fqmily will go to Versailles (huge palace with a big garden full of fountains!) and I bet it will be awesome. 

Yesterdqy we just strayed through Paris, looking at the street artists qnd visited the Eiffel tower by night, which was awesome. I also almost got robbed! Which wasnt even halfway as scary as it sounds. 

It happened when me and my family were looking at one of the preforming street musicians close to this really big church. A female singer with a small band. They were really good qnd hqd collected quite an audience that was sitting on the sidewalk and the fences by lack of chairs and such. I was sitting on a low fence, drawing (naturally) and listening to the music. My dad sat next to me and on my other side was this tall guy who was also listening to the music (or so I thought)

At some point, from the corner of my eye, I spotted this man putting his hand in my bag. I (innocently) assumed that he was just confused, so I looked up from my drawing and said to him; "Sir, that's my bag"
He looked at me, shocked, and apologized (I think, it was French). Then he put my bag down again. Only to pick it up again right way and put the handle under my foot, muttering some French (at that point I got suspicious because he was touching me and all, also at that point my dad noticed him).
After that he just sat down a little longer and looked at my drawing. Then suddenly for no reason at all he stood up and left.
After he left my dad told me that I sound not just let strangers touch me and my stuff, after which I told him that he just, well, told me to hold on to my stuff because he almost accidentally took stuff from my back. At which point my dad freaked out because I'd almost been robbed without realizing it. Which would have costed me my wallet, pincard, ID card, money, mobile phone, my moms scarf and a lot of pencils. I have been so lucky!

Either way that was my awesome story of almost getting robbed in Paris. Ill have to go now, off to the castle! I wish you all a great holiday! Also, to the people who've send me messages, sorry, I won't be replying anytime soon :(

See you in two weeks!

((PS: dear :iconealaain: I am very sorry but due to my horrible lack of proper hqrdware I cqnt yet work on your animated icon :( I feel terrible about letting you wait so long but theres nothing I can do. I hope youll understqnd)) 


Loes Oldhoff
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Hello dear friends, watchers, anyone who reads this,
For those of you who do not know this (probably everyone), sundews is a type of carnivorous plant, named after the enzyme rich drops of 'dew' it secretes at the tips of its leaf-tentacles. It doesn’t go *snap* like some carnivorous plants but instead slowly rolls up, suffocating its prey. It’s also very pretty when standing in the sunlight.

Congratulations, you've learned a thing.

I've never been really good at hiding my 'true' identity on the internet (I always sign my artworks with my real name, heh) so you might as well know that my real name is Loes (that’s Dutch). You can call me that too, if you want. (pronounced as 'loser' without the 'r' or 'lose' as in, "you are going to lose this battle, you pipsqueak!")

I’m currently 18 years old and a first years biology student. Which means that I do not only love animals, but also more or less know how they work on cell level, population level and beyond, also fungi, plants and bacteria. If you have any questions on any of the above feel free to ask :D

What else is there to know about me? Well I have a rather lovely collection of carnivorous plants I’m very proud of and I also have a big collection of other natural stuff like feathers, things from the sea and several bones.
Besides art and nature I also really like mythology and philosophy and human nature in general (although, I don’t really ‘like’ the latter, it’s more that I find it fascinating). That and space, space is cool. Although that somewhat hints to philosophy, for me.

Anyhow, lovely meeting ya all :D Have a nice day!


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Thank you for the llama back.
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You're welcome ^^ 
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Helluuu! XD No problem <: I am happy to say hi to people!
Yasss, :dummy: and thank you ;3; I love the group already it's so fun! :heart:

Plus thank chu for the watch vuv it's an honor. <3
drosera-sundews Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Anytime dear ^^ I hope to see you at the events :D 
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Dont wonder she is on holidays :) I think she will respond to you next weekend ^^
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It's no problem. >v< I hope she has fun on her holiday!
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Oooo, you draw more birds? 8D
drosera-sundews Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I do! I mostly draw fantasy creatures but also birds and other avian beasts ^^ I have a thing for magpies :D 
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