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Animated Icons :D
To the Stars by drosera-sundews
wolf runcycle by drosera-sundews
Fumeiyo by drosera-sundews
Magpie animation 2.0 by drosera-sundews
Highly personalized animated icons that are completely shaded, highlighted, coloured and whatnot. I'm most specialized in locomotion loops, but I'm quite willingly to try anything ^^ 
Complex characters aren't a problem, though fullbody tribals might be a bit over the top. I won't draw any adult or offensive things, furthermore you can ask me about anything :)
You will recieve the watermark-free icon file, the full size file and any other size you might need for other sites. Just note me when you're interested :) 

Prices:  500 points - 5.00$ - 3.89 Euro  (I accept Paypall) 

Slot 1: [RESERVED] :iconzephyrkul: 
Slot 2: [CLOSED] :iconzarrendragon: 

PS: prizes may vary depending on the complexity of the movement and the character(s) involved (so the price can go up or down). Artist can be bribed with gift-art, kindness and freshly baked goods (real life people only))
Also saying where you got the icon from in a description somewhere would be kind but I won't haunt you for eternity if you don't want to, don't worry :P




Life as a microbe is easy.  
All day you float among your bothers, flagella waving in the currents. Down here, near the boiling geyser, there is no night or day. The ocean protects you from the harmfull radiation that is sunlight. Down here there's plenty of heat, plenty of water and plenty of useful organic materials. You can sustain yourself with ease, you can be.
At some point you become two. You could have wondered whether the other was you too, or which one was you now. But you do not yet posses the structures that would allow you to wonder. So instead you just float on untill you cease to be.

Multicellularity takes some getting used too, but once you've got the hang of it you realize that in fact, very little has changed. the underground feels pretty familiar, tough instead of floating you now need to crawl. Food isn't in the earth around you, you have to move and look for it. Big deal. You can do that.
One thing you can't do is make more of yourself. You don't like that, because you feel like somehow that is what you are suppose to do. But when you first stumble upon another member of your species you know what to do. These intructions are new, unfamiliar, but you have faith. As she crawls off you realize that even though you can't make more of yourself, she can. And that you did well. From then on you move with a sense of purpose, and you do so with succes.

Though you of course do not remember it, some part of you longs for those dark days underground. Being an ant is hard work. It's running and searching and finding and pulling. Carrying heavy load on and off without a pause, without a stop. Danger lurks in every corner.  
You want to reproduce. You know deep down that that is what you are suppose to do. But somehow you can’t. In this life you do not seem to have been given any intructions for it. The instructions that you do have come not just from within, they are given to you by others, in the form of smells, commands.
You obey, though you don’t know why.
They are family, you realize. Your existence seems pointless, once you die you will be gone, but they are there and they will be, and in a way, they are you. So it will be all right.
As the princesses of your tribe fly off with their brand new wings, ready to mate, you do not look at them with envy. Instead you cheer. For where they will land they will reighn and they will carry a little of you with them. From then on you follow all your orders, from within and outside, enthousiastic and with pride.

After spending so much time on land returning to the ocean feels like coming home. You are quick and agile, small and strong, and no longer moved by mercy of the current. Your hide gleams in the filtered sunlight and your fins propel you forwards trough miles and miles of open water. Oh, the joy!
You discover pain. The first time a seagull snaps at your tail you get away, but not unharmed. There’s a small cut on your side, some gleaming scales are missing. Loads of salt make the wound sting.
You heal, eventually. The scales don’t grow back, the bare patch a dull reminder. Survival isn’t purely for it’s own sake anymore. You’ve felt the pain of almost dying and that’s not something you want to feel again.
The seals are terrifying. No scales, no fins, their teeth oddly shaped but deadly. Their eyes gleam with intelligence so much more developed than yours. And big they are! Oh they are massive!
The tornado of silver bodies is the only thing between you and their jaws, so you swim along with thousands of others. You don’t realize it, but like this, your school looks far more impressive than the sealpack.
But that doesn’t stop them, they bite down on the wirlwind, ripping the small silver bodies to shreds. You beg for survival, for your speed nor strength will help you. Sometimes life is just simply Russian roulette. Luck and chance.
You make it, but not many do so with you. You swim along the survivors, hoping they will protect you but knowing they won’t.
They are not family, yet you feel connected to them. They are like you and you need them like they need you. Your faith interwoven, after all, you’re just a tiny flock of fish against the great big ocean.
You watch the eggs, great numbers of them, float away on the currents. And you wish them luck. Some are yours, some aren’t, but you can’t tell the difference.

After trading fins for feathers you discover love. Swans mate for life, and so do you. He is the most gorgeous bird you’ve ever laid your eyes on. With a long slim neck and sparkling eyes, feathers so clean and white they make the snow look dull. He is not family, yet your love for him runs deep.
You move to a cosy lake near a small village. There’s plenty of food and shelter and you are happy. You raise your first nest, with three hatchlings. You watch them grow up from eggs to chicks, and then you watch and guide them as their plumage bleaches till it is as white as yours. As you watch them fly of you feel the pride of a job well done, but you also feel deep sadness.  
Though the real sadness is yet to come, when you wake up one day and find your mate laying on the road, slim neck snapped and snowwhite feathers stained with red.
All shatters around you. Angry with the world, with yourself and ripped apart by grief, you remain in the lake you consider home. Defending your territory with fierce determination. You eat, sleep and sit through many winters, alone.
Swans mate for life, but life can be cruel and unfair. Living without purpose doesn’t sit well with you. This, you know, is not what you are suppose to do!
Sometimes life is mercifull, even after you've messed up. A new mate comes along one spring morning. He is smaller than your previous mate, his eyes are brilliantly black and gleaming but his feathers are scruffy, never quite sitting right on the base of his wings. Yet he is furious and passionate, protecting and supporting you. The way he rubs his beak through your feathers is both a painful reminder and a welcome comfort. You did not think it was possible, but in time you come to love him, as much as you loved your last mate, or maybe more?
Together you soar the skies! Flying is as much a joy as swimming, maybe even more so. The land passing by beneath you and the clouds seeping through your pinions. Dancing on the currents, he is always there, besides you.
You raise new nests of chicks, sometimes five at the time. Some die, taken by winter or by foxes, a few even by cars, but many more live.
Sometimes when you float besides him right below the sunset you forget that he is not your first mate. That there was this other, long ago. You wonder if it is bad of you to forget the other. But you do not dwell on it. You are a bird, after all.

Though you of course do not remember it, some part of you longs for those white wings you used to have, for the ability to fly. Earthbound existence is tiring, especially since this new form of yours doesn’t seem to be very good at walking.    
Yet over time you come to appreciate these new hands you’ve been given. Dexterous fingers that, though not very functional for locomotion, have such great potential in manipulating the world around you. Art, sports, music, you try everything! After all, you live only once, right?
Yes, the hands are great. Yet you still stare up at the sky with longing. And not just the sky. You stare out over the ocean with longing, and even up into space as the night falls. You’re not sure why.  
You seem to long for everything you can not reach, but maybe that’s what makes you so human.
Mankind is briljant. Its hunger for discovery, its foolishness, its wisdom, its love. Friendship is the most gratifying thing you’ve encountered so far. It’s weird, rather random. They are not family, not offspring, you don’t really need them but at the same time you do, you need them more than air.
You learn too, and how! Now that you are sentient you’re definitely going to act like it! Language is such a lovely thing, others can literally tell you everything they know. You realize that mankind can only reach it’s true potential when working together, a single human is just another beast among the trees, but together they are fantastic.
You learn of evolution, of life and existence. You hear stories of creation, from gods to big explosions but you can’t figure out which sounds most believeable. You learn of the birds in the sky, of the fish beneath the waves. You learn of the worms in the ground al the way down to the tiniest microbes. You learn what they do.
Though all of them are equally fascinating, your favourite creatures remain the swans. With their gorgeous white feathers and their love and loyalty.
Swans mate for life. But what about humans? Humans mate for life, at least they try. You try too. It ends with a broken wrist, a shattered window and way too many tears.
You wonder what to do, and you can’t help thinking that it would have been pretty nice to have some instructions now. Anything, really.
But all the things you know, all your instructions, came from outside. Told to you in words, by other people. Yet, all those people, every single one of them, wanders along with you. Like you, they are lost, they can not tell you the way.
And inside, your brain, though so highly developed and brilliant, does not seem to have a purpose, no tips or tricks or a plan of attack. All instincts stay stubbornly quiet.      
For the given instructions, well, they’re not called that anymore. They’re now called ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Good is what you are supposed to do while bad is what you are not supposed to do. Plain and simple. Yet what these two terms define is a point of discussion. Furious, heated discussion that causes grief and death among the humans that wage it. At some points it gets so terrible that you start to wonder whether good and bad aren’t both just bad. But then again, that makes little sense. If they are both bad then what are you supposed to do?
Life as a human is hard.
You wonder what your purpose it, what is the point of you?
And one night you find yourself in a forest, away from everyone because you had to, drinking anise flavoured poison because you can. As you stare up at the stars in longing your dexterious, manipulative forepaws claw at the ground and find something long and slimy. Bringing it to your face you see a long worm, wriggling desperately, trying to break free and return to its dark home beneath the surface. As you stare at the little brainless beast between your fingers you can’t help but feeling a pang of envy. Envy the little creature will never be able to feel.
For the forum game "what if" on the Icarus-Pro forum…
The challenge was: What if...we were all reincarnated?

It turned out a bit long, but I'm rather happy with it ^^ Much deep woah

The gorgeous preview image was made by my dear friend :iconsilvermoonlioness: aka  Drawsoneverything
Her art is amazing! Seriously, check it out! 
Inktober - Day 25 - Right on Time by drosera-sundews
Inktober - Day 25 - Right on Time
...and one day you will be soaring  

My part for an arttrade with the lovely :iconthe-fox-of-wonders: of her character Dynaisajia, shown here on the gears of time ^^ I hope you like it, dear.
Here's her part for me :love: Inktober day 25

art (c) me
character (c) the-Fox-of-wonders  
Inktober - Day 24 - Dancing Crane by drosera-sundews
Inktober - Day 24 - Dancing Crane
My mom wanted a painting of a dancing crane XP So here's hiphop crane! 
Still in time yeaaah :D
Right handed again because i'm impatient and such. The pain has lessened, I have high hopes ^^ 


drosera-sundews's Profile Picture
Loes Oldhoff
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello Internet, lovely meeting you all ^^
I'm Drosera-sundews. Just your friendly, neighbourhood pseudo-scientist. You can call me Sundews, or Loes (that's Dutch, pronounced as 'loser' without the "R"). Or anything else that at least sounds like my name, be creative :D

I am 18 years old, Dutch and a second year biology student. Biology and art are more or less my two great passions in life. I draw and write in my cheap ass student room inbetween dozens of practica and lectures, it can get hecktic, but I manage :)
I make mostly fantasy art. Both digital and traditional, and also do literature, animating and crafting on occasion. I love dragons and draw them a lot, you'll find loads of them in my gallery, but I also draw a loads of other stuff and experiment quite regularly. Better not trust your expectations XD

FO Gifts by EnjoumouAsk Adoptables by EnjoumouAsk Trades by Enjoumou
  • Listening to: warriors - imagine dragons
Sooo this weekend I will go on an excursion to one of the little "waddenislands" of my country to do some serious birding :D It's organized by my university and I'll go there with some friends and a lot of other biologists including, probably, some really big bird nerds. So I'll probably learn all the stuff and A friend and I will drive a tandum and it's going to be awesooome :D

Just wanted to share that with you ^^ I won't reply to anything this weekend, be warned. 

I very recently found this initiative on tumblr. It's a bit like Nanowrimo, except for visual artists working with ink. I'm not sure how many of you work with ink or would like to try it, but if you're interested, you can take a look at the site. I think events like these are a very good way to develop positive art habits and to fight of the horrible monster of procrastination that wants to fee don all your precious and delicious ideas! 

Either way, I am definitely going to try it. We'll see if I manage to do the entire month. I'm quite excited for this, actually. A really nice challenge this is going to be. 
So, during the month oktober I will try to post an ink drawing Every DAY! Wish me luck :D 

Now, for more serious news. 

The Crow that Flew Away
A dear friend of mine, :iconvisioncrow:, has left deviantart, possibly permanently, due to depression and other problems in real life. I was sort of shocked to see him go, he never made much art but had brilliant organizing skills, he build us a forum to make friends on and a brilliant group :iconartistbestiary: that was so much more than just a place to dump art in. Though naturally the forum powered it behind the screens, the group itself wasn't very impressive. We all loved it and found it awesome, but Crow had high hopes, and his life was being hard on him. One day, without warning, he shut the forum, killed the server. We were all shocked, we had no idea he was in such a bad state. 
He was going to do the same with the deviantart group. I managed to convince him to hand over the foundership to me last minute. He did so, and left without a word. 

I am, all in all, pretty devastated about this. I can only hope that Crow, now that he has cut his bond with the internet, will be able to finally set his life right. Listening to his stories was painful, in a way, since none of us could help from afar over the internet. That's one of the most terrible things about being connected this way, I think, for all of us. We can never truly help.

But we must not dwell in sadness. My friend is setting his life right, now. And in honour of him I have decided to keep his group alive, and, to all forum members who have lost their hangout spot, a dear friend, :iconxevangelx: and I have made a new forum. So that we can start over and keep our friendship on a personal level ^^ In honour of Crow, so that may he return he will know that he has not been forgotten. 

I know most of you won't know nything about the Artist Bestiary and the forums. But nevertheless I would like to invite you. Both the group and the forums are, as I believe, a brilliant way to get to know knew people on a personal level, regardless of art skills. I know some of my most treasured internet friends from this forums and I would wish for you all to find friends like that ^^ Please consider yourself invited to both:

The :iconartistbestiary: 

And our brand new forum, Icarus-pro!

I hope to see you all there ^^ 

Lot of love <3

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