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Loes Oldhoff
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Hello Internet, lovely meeting you all ^^
I'm Drosera-sundews. Just your friendly, neighbourhood pseudo-scientist. You can call me Sundews, or Loes (that's Dutch, pronounced as 'loser' without the "R"). Or anything else that at least sounds like my name, be creative :D

I am 19 years old, Dutch and a second year biology student. Biology and art are more or less my two great passions in life. I draw and write in my cheap ass student room inbetween dozens of practica and lectures, it can get hecktic, but I manage :)
I make mostly fantasy art. Both digital and traditional, and also do literature, animating and crafting on occasion. I love dragons and draw them a lot, you'll find loads of them in my gallery, but I also draw a loads of other stuff and experiment quite regularly. Better not trust your expectations XD

FO Gifts by EnjoumouAsk Adoptables by EnjoumouAsk Trades by Enjoumou
Broken Robot is on Fire by drosera-sundews

So a real life friend of mine showed me this site a while ago and I feel like you should all know of its existence because this game is hilarious! Not to mention I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their doodling habits. ((Or their knowledge of internet and modern media memes and tropes O-0 ))

Basically, someone draws something and another person describes it in a short sentence.Then that description is send to another random person who has to make a drawing from that description and so on. Hilarity ensues. 

The limited pallete and lack of pen pressure do make it a little hard in the beginning, but I do sort of like the challenge of working with such primitive tools. I find it refreshing. Also only ten minutes per drawing. Perfect for perfectionists trying to break through their dangerous habits and to unwind :) 

So if you have some time to spare (even if it's just ten minutes of time XP) this site is worth checking out. Do let me know if you visit though! I'll be here:… . ((You can 'follow' people but it doesn't really accomplish anything. So I like to think of it as adding people to your list of friends :) These are my pals check out how cool my pals are!))

I hope to see you there :D 
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Background Challenge Day 11 - Garden by drosera-sundews
Background Challenge Day 11 - Garden

Garden - noun gar·den \ˈgär-dən\  

A garden is an area, usually outdoors, reserved for display, cultivation and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. The most common variant nowadays is the residential garden, for which the term ‘garden’ is commonly used. But also zoos are a type of garden, displaying animals. A botanical garden on the other hand holds (exotic) plants.   

Gardens are not to be confused with nature reserves, which are merely pieces of wildland under protection. Even though this is also true for a garden, there is a significant difference. Where the reserve is left to it’s own devices, a garden is strictly regulated in order not to let the many creatures within compete with each other and keep them in a balance of sorts, allowing many more species to share the same ground than would be logically possible. This balance, however, is very frail. A garden left unattended will over time revert back to wilderness, with many species being driven out in the process.  

This is a day too late, whoops. I actually had it done but when I got to the uploading part I got distracted by exams and lightning. Also a farm at the end of the road caught on fire (no one got hurt, fortunately, but it was scary).
My friends have kicked the bucket earlier this week, now I'm the only one doing this challenge, I wonder if I can sit it out. I think not.  </i>

BGC 10 - Detective/Investigation office by drosera-sundews
BGC 10 - Detective/Investigation office

“Ah yes, well, I certainly see your point. But the thing is, staying silent, it won’t really get you anywhere. We have time, you see, loads of time. And we’re getting paid by the hour. So you just stay silent and we will wait, how does that sound?”

I didn’t feel like doing this one. Rooms, you know. So I drew dragons instead. However, they are detective dragons, so it still counts. 
Simple and Nywe! Yeey! It's always fun to draw some old OC's again :) 

Background Challenge Day 9 - Forest by drosera-sundews
Background Challenge Day 9 - Forest
A dreamscene :D (except not really because there were three people riding the magpie (also two roadbuilding machines and a cycling competition (Tour the France maybe?)) But you know I ain’t got all day.) Also yes the trees were huge. For reference I have placed two normal sized trees and a semi-huge tree among the giant trees. I hope this clears it up (but I’m afraid it won’t).
Background Challenge Day 8 - Harbour by drosera-sundews
Background Challenge Day 8 - Harbour
Ugh, I'm really not happy with this one -_- then again on the day I drew this I had so little time! Due to our incubator in the lab breaking we had to finish all our experiments the last day D: We had to make five reports instead of two! We literally worked from half past eigh to half past four with only a twenty mintute lunch break >_< Fortunately I had my labtop with me so that I could paint inbetween the practica's (I also had a party at five, and the girl who trew the party has this subject as well, she nearly missed her own party!) The party was a nice end to a busy day, though ^^ 
BGC Day 7 - Sci Fi Scenery in the Desert by drosera-sundews
BGC Day 7 - Sci Fi Scenery in the Desert

No planet lasts forever. This is common knowledge among the inhabitants of our galaxy. On the scale of life the stars and planets may very well be immortal, yet, they are not. All stars die someday, and with it, their planets are sterilized. Completely swept clean of all lifeforms. 

These planets, however, are quite all right with ceising to exist. Their lifeforms, driven by eons of persistence, are not. 

Which once again underlines the importance of spaceships. Many lifeforms inhabiting their motherplanet will not be able to fully comprehend the importance of space ships, seeing them merely as a mode of transportation. However, when a species’ mother planet is destroyed and there is no where to transport back to, the only possible way to survive is to take up permanent residence among the stars. Spaceships, previously only a mode of transportation, suddenly become a homebase, a living, breathing ecosystem, a small shard of planet, surviving. 

These ‘living ships’ differ a lot, depending on their planet of origin, residental species and of course buildplan. They are, however, some reappearing motifs.

The first being their AI’s. Not only charged with flying but also with climate control and the well being of their cargo, the AI’s of living ships are extremely advanced. They are charged with making decisions, have morals downloaded to their bases, and posses and intelligence much, much greater than their original makers. 

The AI’s  of living ships are also uniformely named after the gods or godesses of their now dead planets of origin. This purely on coincidence, of course. But then again, the similarities are striking. 

Another reoccuring trent is the priorities of the AI’s. Their first priority is their cargo. It is always their cargo. To keep their residents alive a living ship will literally go as far as to strip other planets of their organic matter. Leaving them bare. Be wary. 


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