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Loes Oldhoff
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Hello Internet, lovely meeting you all ^^
I'm Drosera-sundews. Just your friendly, neighbourhood pseudo-scientist. You can call me Sundews, or Loes (that's Dutch, pronounced as 'loser' without the "R"). Or anything else that at least sounds like my name, be creative :D

I am 19 years old, Dutch and a second year biology student. Biology and art are more or less my two great passions in life. I draw and write in my cheap ass student room inbetween dozens of practica and lectures, it can get hecktic, but I manage :)
I make mostly fantasy art. Both digital and traditional, and also do literature, animating and crafting on occasion. I love dragons and draw them a lot, you'll find loads of them in my gallery, but I also draw a loads of other stuff and experiment quite regularly. Better not trust your expectations XD

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So, as some of you might have noticed I haven't been drawing all that much ever since the end of inktober, almost four months as of now. I lately realized I have completely forgotten to tell everyone what is going on, so, here we go. 

RSI (repetitive stain injury) or tendinitis is what happens when one person repeats the same move over and over again untill the point of tendon damage. Which is what happened to me during inktober. 
Of course quite some factors come into play with injuries like this. A wrong pose or workplace, working too long without pause or proper stretching, and stress. I had a very tough exam week during inktober. During this week I was often tired, but in the evening I would still push myself to make something for the inktober challenge. That was stupid, of course.

The problem with tendons is that there's very little blood vessels running though them. Very little living cells among the bands of elastic tissue. Thus, they heal very slowly.

With me, it started with a dull pain in my wrist. I figured I was just tired, and kept on working. 

Three weeks later the pain had migrated to just below my elbow, it stung full force now, especially when I drew after a while. In some days it was so bad that I still felt the tendon sting when I went to bed. The pain was frustrating; relaxing, moving, stretching, nothing worked. That's when I figured out what is going on. 

I had fortunately heard of RSI already. Three people I know have had it. First is my dad, who is a programmer and got RSI long ago when the computermouse was invented (isn't that a weird thought?). He still uses his left hand to mouse with, if he does it with the other hand for a while he'll start feeling the pain again, even after so many years! 

One of my roommates got it too, but she too knew about it. She kept on walking around with it for too long, though, and at some point it got so bad that she couldn't type any more. She looked for help then, and now (five years later, I think) she can do pretty much anyhting again. But it too, took a while. And she ended up with some serious study delay. 

The worst case I have heard of was of a girl I met when I went on a birding expedition with some other biologists. She had just finished her study, and was also an artist. Was being the key word here. She drew and played guitar (both hands). She hadn't know of RSI, she kept on going even when it hurt.
She told me that she 'used to be an artist'. Now she was fresh out of college and couldn't find a job because she was disabled. She couldn't do any precise hand motions for over a couple of minutes or she'd be in pain again. She couldn't draw anymore, couldn't play the guitar anymore, and her future wasn't looking all to bright. It was extremely sad.   

I am almost healed now, after four months. And I was extremely lucky. I almost immediately realized what was going on and I got help almost right away. But I have seen how it can end and I want you all to know this. To realize that, if you are an artist, you are at risk of getting this. Please, if you have deep tissue pain in your hands or arms FIND HELP! Seriously, if you let things like this get bad you might end up recovering for YEARS. Or, in an absolute worst case scenario, you'll be the next person to tell others how you "used to be an artists". Please dear friends, promise me you won't let it get that bad. Even if you have to take a break from art. It is worth it.

Lots of love,
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Mugpuh by drosera-sundews
I figured after drawing that wretched salmon,, I'd give my actual spirit animal a try as well. I'd tried to colour it but that didn't work out with all the black, yet I think I might even like it better this way ^^
Tribal animals whooo :D 
The Salmon of Enthousiasm by drosera-sundews
The Salmon of Enthousiasm
Besides, aren't we all just swimming towards the end?  

A while ago I had a movie night with my friends and we watched brother bear. After the movie we took a look at the extra's and there was this quiz to find out what your spirit animal was (it was quite a crappy test, only five options) either way I did it and I got 'the salmon of enthousiasm', which my friends still mention up to today for the sole purpose of making fun of me :P  
Nah just kidding, they're great friends. This beast still haunts me though...

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